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We operate a closed submission service and only accept verified spammer information from a select group of publishers. Other services include unchecked spam data and are wrought with fraudulent entries. Our clean data is now available for you to use.


Our free service limits you to 50 checks per day. We offer the following subscription services for greater volumes.

After your subscription has been confirmed, you'll be given a key to use with our service. You can use your key on all of your webservers.

Select an option below and you'll be directed to paypal for subscription handling.

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Need help?

If you need some help implementing the service within your application or would like to pay for professional installation, please Contact Us.

Fight backlink spam with Spamerator.com

Our backlink spam service tracks IP addresses, IP address ranges, Service Providers, Countries and meta-data (like email addresses and usernames) that are used to post backlink spam.

Incorporate our service into your registration or message posting process and check whether the user might be a backlink spammer. Send us the user's IP address and we'll return a backlink spammer confidence score. Use that score to either prevent the user from registering on your site or keep the user quarantined until you've had a chance to review the account.

Spamerator hould be considered one of the tools in your arsenal to combat spam.


Service URL: Regular (HTTP) GET or POST

url method description
http://www.spamerator.com/check.php GET or POST Submit your request to this url via GET or POST, passing the required and optional variables outlined below. HTTPs is available for paying customers.

Service Inputs

Field Type Description
ip required This is the IP address of the user registering or posting on your site.
key optional This is the license key issued when you purchase a subscription. Without a license key, you are limited to 50 requests per day.
country optional The ISO2 two-letter country code your user claims he is from (eg: US, UK or CA). We'll try to use this to compare with the country of origin of the user's IP address.
uname optional The username being registered on your site.
email optional The user's email address used to register on your site.

Service Outputs

Field Type Description
[0-10] integer Our service will respond with a backlink spammer confidence score of 0-10. It represents our estimated probability, based on data provided by trusted sources, that the user is a backlink spammer. If you are a free user and you've exceeded 50 requests within 24 hours, the service will return an error.

Example: PHP Implementation

In this example, we're grabbing the required and optional parameters, submitting them to Spamerator, getting a score and then doing something with the score.

              //get the user's ip address (requireD)
              // submit the variables to spamerator and set the result in the variable blscore
              // use the score as you'd like to either prevent the user from registering or putting the user in quarantine
              // so you can manually review the account before letting him loose on your website and forum
              // in this example, anything 4 and under we're letting through, 5 thrgouh 6, 7 and higher, prevent from registering
              if($blscore>=5&&$blscore<=6) {
                // insert the user record, but set status to inactive or whatever your system has available
                echo "Your account has been created, but is currently under review by the administrator. Account assess is limited.";
              } elseif($blscore>=7) {
                // prevent the user account from being created
                echo "Your registration was not accepted at this time.";